Donna Sundene


Donna Sundene - Faust Institute of Cosmetology

Favorite food: New York Strip. Well done, of course.
Favorite color: Rainbow. But if I had to pick one, purple.
Bucket list: Visit every National Park in the U.S.
Why did you choose cosmetology school: I had hair that was out of control. I figured going to cosmetology school would help me with my own hair. My career blossomed from there.
Year first employed at Faust: Over 25 years ago
Favorite class as a student and favorite class to teach as an instructor: Haircutting
Audio or visual learner: Visual!
Favorite part of being and instructor: Watching a student have a lightbulb moment
Products you can’t live without: Curl Defining Cream, pomade and hair color
Why choose Faust Institute: There is a great ratio of students to instructors, which is great for one on one instruction when needed.