Megan Crabb


Megan Crabb - Faust Institute of Cosmetology

Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite music: Country
Favorite hobby:Camping
Favorite famous hair: Miranda Lambert, she’s blonde and has the best waves
What would your co-workers or students say is your favorite word or phrase: “Sorry”
Products you can’t live without: It’s a 10 Leave-in Spray, Redken Quick Tease, and a lot of Kenra 25 Volume Spray!
Why did you choose cosmetology school: I originally went to college to become a teacher, but I did more nails in my dorm room than homework!
Favorite class when you were a student: Nail Diseases and Disorders
Favorite thing to teach as an instructor: Facial class and clinic lab
Why choose Faust Institute: We are small, so it feels like home – but with so many opportunities