Admission Requirements

Admission to Faust Institute of Cosmetology is competitive and takes into consideration the full record of the candidate for admission. The Schools prefer students with varied talents and interests. The following are the standards applied to all candidates for admission:

  • High school graduate or hold an equivalency certificate (G.E.D.).
  • Foreign high school diplomas must be translated by a qualified outside agency and be confirmed as equivalent to U.S. high school diploma.

  • Competent to meet the physical and other demands encountered in Cosmetology and related fields.

The School Must Receive:

  • Faust Institute Of Cosmetology Application

  • Non-refundable $55.00 application fee

  • Copy of High School diploma or GED certificate or have a State issued credential for Secondary School completion if homeschooled, & prior learning credits, if applicable.

  • Driver’s License/Photo ID or Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Social Security Card

Transfer Students

(In addition to the above)

  • Transcripts/proof of prior education.

  • Transcripts of prior education must show the transfer applicant is meeting minimum standards of Faust Institute for the student to be considered for entrance. These minimum standards consist of at least 75% attendance and 80% academic average.

  • A transfer student must attend Faust for a minimum of one payment period (450 hrs in Cosmetology or 300 hrs in Esthetics)


That’s it! That’s all it takes to complete the course and earn your degree in Cosmetology or Esthetics!

Faust Insitute has an average student to instructor ratio 4:1.  We pride ourselves on “keeping it personal.” You will get the individualized attention you need (and deserve) to succeed in the beauty industry.