Transfer Credit Practice

The acceptance and use of transfer credit is subjected to limitation in accordance with the education policies of Faust Institute of Cosmetology and the State of Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences requirements.

Faust Institute of Cosmetology may accept up to 100% of hours from another institution if by testing (practical & theory) it is determined that the student is prepared to meet our standards and graduation requirements.  Transcripts of prior education must show the transfer applicant is meeting minimum satisfactory academic progress standards of Faust Institute for the student to be considered for entrance. These minimum standards consist of at least 75% attendance and 80% academic average. Faust Institute does NOT charge for transfer/transcript services.

Charges: The tuition charge for a transfer student is prorated on the basis of the prevailing tuition costs; for each hour of remaining required hours to complete the program plus cost of equipment, books, fees, and any other material to complete the course of study.

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